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CTC WESSEX CYCLING Cycling in Bournemouth, Poole,  EAST DORSET & the New Forest


CTC Wessex  proudly present the Coastlet 100km Brevet Populaire. Joining the many riders attracted to these events you’ll enjoy the warm hospitality and great cycling country on offer from CTC Wessex.

The Coastlet 100 takes you on a small Purbeck Tour to Lulworth Cove, where you can enjoy one of the best views in England, before tackling the at times hilly route to Weymouth. Then on to Abbotsbury Swannery, and back to Wareham via Hardys Monument and Dorchester. The £5 entry fee includes hot drinks at the start and Weymouth.

The Event Headquarters are in the Parish Hall on Wareham Quay. There is no parking on the quay, but there is free parking at the Purbeck School, by the roundabout to the west of Wareham. Please follow the marshals advice, and park in front of the school, not by the Leisure Centre. Hot drinks will be available before the start, and a choice of hot meals and drinks will be on sale at the finish.

The Start. A large number of riders are expected, some of whom may be novice riders and/or not experienced in group riding. Be aware of those around you, and be considerate to other road users. For the Ferry Dash, there is normally quite a wait at Sandbanks, so take your time. Ferries operate every 20 minutes.

Weymouth Control  Please park bikes securely on the Seafront side of the road, opposite the Criterion Café, and not in front of the cafe. The basement seating is reserved for cyclists. You will be given a voucher for a tea or coffee by the marshals, and cakes and snacks will be on sale. Please be patient if a queue forms, we don’t want to antagonise the staff!  .

Route finding A detailed route sheet is provided, but navigation is the responsibility of riders. It is worth studying maps beforehand (OS Landranger 193, 194 & 195 cover the routes). Proof of passage You receive a brevet card which the marshals sign and record the times you pass through controls.

The Coastlet route contains two Information Controls. Riders need to answer questions to prove passage, so carry a pen. At the end sign and hand in your card.

Accommodation There are plenty of B&B’s in and around Wareham and there is camping nearby. Wareham has a rail Station 2km away, and Poole Station is about 16km away.

The Dorset Coast & Coastlet are organised under the regulations of AUDAX UK. They are open to any cyclist regardless of club or affiliation. Any machine may be ridden provided it is roadworthy. Don’t forget this is an early season coastal event so weather conditions may be cold, wet, windy, icy, even hot! On the 200km mudguards and lights are required.

Entry Form

All confirmed entrants will be sent the full route and details  after their entry has been processed.

Organiser:  Peter Loakes,

1 Church Cottage, West Stafford, Dorchester DT2 8AB

Entry on standard Audax UK form via snail-mail to: Peter Loakes,

Please Enclose: Entry Fee (plus Temporary Membership for non AUK / CTC if required) & two SAEs

Some entry on the day will be possible, Entry fee on the day will be subject to a £1 surcharge.

After entry, please give the organiser as much notice as possible if you are unable to ride the event.

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